3 Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

With 20 years experience as a natural weight trainer, I have made many mistakes. Especially in the first two years. I fell for many of the fads made the rounds at the time, in the same way that novice natural bodybuilders do today. It was that search for bodybuilding’s ‘holy grail’ that made me basically waste the first 2 years. And it’s not like I didn’t put in a really solid effort either.

Fortunately, I came to my senses and got good advice and also used some common sense, which got me the muscle growth I wanted. If you remember to avoid the following 3 mistakes, then you will already be better off than 90% of the other natural bodybuilders out there:

1. ‘Magic’ supplements

I’m sorry to disappoint, but they don’t exist. If they did, then they’d stick around on the market for much longer than they do. Stick to good nutrition and use a good quality protein supplement, and you’re set.

2. Over training

I’m sure you’ll hear the line: “there is no over training, only under eating” at some point. Do NOT believe it. Over training is your biggest enemy. It almost always happens when natural bodybuilders train too frequently and for too long, with too many exercises and sets per muscle group. If you’re training hard (BE HONEST) more than 4 days a week and 45 minutes per session, then you’re over trained or well on your way there. Drop that routine you got from that freak in your gym. That point brings me to probably the biggest mistake that natural bodybuilders make…

3. Believing the hype in the bodybuilding magazines

To be blunt, the routines in the bodybuilding mags are meant to sell you those snake oil ‘magic’ supplements I mentioned above. Each and every major bodybuilding mag owns a major supplement line – check for yourself. Oh, and that huge ‘natural’ bodybuilder who gave away his ‘secret’ routine? Don’t believe it for a second. She or He is not natural, or did s/he even write the article. Don’t follow any routine from a bodybuilding mag – unless its from the 60s maybe.